Potenziamento della lingua Inglese nel Liceo Zucchi: un resoconto della riunione tenutasi in data 22 settembre [...]


These courses have the intent to strengthen Students’ knowledge, use and confidence when speaking English. The courses will be tailored to the classes’ general level and tasks faced during the lessons will challenge and require students to take an active part in the group objectives. i.e. through team competitions, debates and discussions adopting specific role plays.
For the 1st years, evidently the need will be to sow as much vocabulary as possible and encourage Students to experiment with what they know and understand.
Quizzes and Comprehension tests will be an active part of the course for the 2nd years … The Students must come up with topics and questions to test their fellow classmates.
I will be monitoring the results of the lessons and Students will be evaluated for language and participation mid- course and towards the end of the course next year.
We all require and appreciate full co-operation from the Students and Parents to ensure a fruitful result from this initiative.

Thank you
Gina Lilian Fubini

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